Accessibility Statement

Our Commitment

We take accessibility seriously at #a11yTO and strive to create opportunities to learn, share and have fun in a space designed to be used and enjoyed by everyone. This means all our attendees, presenters, volunteers, and the organizers, across all of our events whether in person or online.

Here is what we are doing currently to achieve that.

What we’re doing

Meetups, Camps and Conferences

We work with community partners and sponsors to host events in spaces and on platforms where a good level of accessibility is possible. By that we mean:

Sometimes an elevator or washroom may be hard to find, or power door operators aren’t installed on interior routes – we anticipate this and will post a volunteer in these places.

Other Events

Our social events outside of meetups, camps, and conferences often happen in pubs which meet the entrance, washroom, and elevator descriptions above. They are often loud, and lighting is inconsistent.

If you have a recommendation for a central, barrier-free venue at a reasonable price point, where not everyone has to buy something, and which can handle fluctuating reservations of 30-90 people, please let someone on the organizing committee know.


Our events bring together speakers with various levels of presenting experience but we expect these basics:

If you are presenting and are speaking too quickly for the sign-language interpreter or captioner, you will be asked to slow down.

If you are asking a question you will be asked to use the microphone. You can also give your question to someone else to ask into the microphone. Where audience microphones are not available, the speaker will be asked to repeat the question for everyone.

We don’t live-stream events or share presenters’ slide decks directly; we cannot ensure that they are accessible.


Other Considerations

How you can help

Our Sponsors

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